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R. A.
Studied BS in Entrepreneurial Management (slightly different course)
at Quezon City Polytechnic University , Quezon City
Graduated: 2011

Why did I choose this course:
Honestly speaking I chose this course because I wanted to study in college during that time, there was no plan to study I was 8 years old when my father died and I studied through self support only. After one semester in my first year, I felt that was a good course for me because it is full of challenges like doing some projects for instance creating your own products, advertisements and thinking out of the box as well as oral defense and participation. Besides what I wanted for this course was it taught me to be self esteem and confident. I was a vegetable vendor in the market at the age of 8 until my college so it was not difficult for me with regards on projects and subject matter because I always base on my own experience to answer for all the queries or exams. Beside it reminds me of my Uncle he is a successful businessman nowadays.

About my college education:
First thing that I learned for taking this course was I am ready to go and conquer the outside world, I gain confidence from the first day of school, like what happening now my job is not related to the course that I took up before but because of promotion I handled a big position like working as an engineer even I am not an engineer, I got a lot of courage to face the challenges. I applied the managerial function that I learned from school like (Directing, Organizing, Controlling). For this, I learned to finished the project that I handled at the specified time frame in this aspects I can say I applied the time management that I learned from school. I am organized for the synchronize of the task. I am able to control the supply of the materials on site in order for me to lessen surplus of materials. I had a leadership qualities that I am applying for the daily task at site even I am a small person, a lot of workers respect me.Beside I learned too handle stress. I felt at ease for all the project that I handle. I this my daily task step by step. Prioritizing to those which is important. I learned how to adjust myself from the people that surround me I gain a lot of confident and able to do some major decision making for my job. Like with regard on constructing a building I am able to decide on what the forman going to do for the good look of the building. I am able to do a debate with those engineering graduate from other contractors.

I know how to create business plan or on how to established a business. Some factors that affect on how to build it, like first thing to consider before establishing a business is the location then financial aspects, products to offer and lastly is the target market. I learned to be a risk taker because my job now is not an easy I spent millions to finished the project and I am proud to say that my boss had given me a trust to do it. I learned on how to budget and do transaction with the supplier I got the guts to be the boss. With regards on math I know on how to do some estimate of the materials that I am in need on site in order for me to control over purchasing of the materials.Quality of the project as well I know on how to do Q.C in order for us to gain good response from our client.

The most difficult subjects were College Algebra and Statistics and probability I got a grade of 2.00 with that subject and for about 60 students we were only two who got past with that subjects during my first year.The most Difficult task for me were making a business plan and thesis. It was so tiring.I was the front liner every defense during that time besides gathering of info and research takes a lot of time and expenses.But it was worth because it helps me a lot to be ready for the outside world of business. I am able to apply the flow of operating as well.
Passing the exams were not difficult the only thing you had to do is you must study your lesson in advance. I can assure. You can be the best student.

The useful things that I learned in college were effective and efficient with regard on project management or on what so ever task. Effective with it come on directing the worker, they did the task correctly. Effective with it come on quality of the project that had been finished, it satisfy on the eye of the client. Efficient with regard on finishing the project at the short period of time and at the less cost. Besides the operation process as well when I was a procurement staff I use the process of operating cycle with it comes on purchasing and and payment to avoid conflict with the finance. From purchase-delivery-getting of invoice-processing-forward it to accounting and lastly go to finance.

Some of my classmates always passed the exam it depends, how you are dedicated on it and what grades you want to get.
What I observed were they were not shifting to other course the main reason for them to quit their studies was financial aspects.

My current job:
My current job is a Site Admin.
Managing of workers on site. Procuring of the materials needed on site. Do materials, manpower, equipment report daily and weekly. Q.C of the finished work. Canvassing of materials. Do business transaction with the supplier. Do progress billing report and some signing of documents to be submitted to office for billing. Transact with the supplier directly to purchase the materials needed on site. Implement the time table program to meet the deadline of the project. Checking and keeping of the equipment before and after the operation everyday.

Am I using what I learned in college:
Yes, all of that were practical like what happening now I already have a permanent job. I am confident and I enjoy it. I go beyond the limit of my knowledge. I applied all the things that I learned when I was in college. Like the managerial function. Leadership, and some traits of being an entrepreneur like risk taker, flexible, diligent and smart. I used to be a leader rather than a boss at site I worked a lot to empower my worker. I applied my being challenger person. I used to talk with the big boss of the project like P.M, R.M, O.M and etc.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
It took a week actually, but that job was not fit to my course, so I decided to start from lower position until I got this right now. So what I can say to those newly graduate don't be choosy and demanding on salary with regard on job. Once you had an experience you can do whatever the thing that you want to do.

Do I recommend studying BS in Entrepreneurial Management:
For employment you can work in and outside the country.
You can work in as a business man if you have a financial capital. You can create your own business. On the outside world you can be a Management Trainee, Instructor/ Professor, Marketing Staff, Procurement Staff. Admin Staff, Teller in Bank, Manager and Sales.

With in comes on salary for the newly graduate you have the range from 10k-12k for the experience employee you can earn 25k-40k.

Advice to people who are thinking of studying this course:
What I can advice is embrace all the responsibility for taking this course. Aim for excellence success will chase you in the outside world.
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