BSBA in Advertising Management in the Philippines

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Program Overview

The BS of Business Administration in Advertising Management program covers theories and concepts in conceptual advertising, business practices and strategies in advertisement, fundamentals of design and public relations.

Admission requirements for BSBA in Advertising Management in the Philippines

  • Must have recommendation from high school principal and school guidance counsellor certifying to the applicant’s work and from a prominent member of the community
  • Must have the Original copy of high school card (Form 138A)
  • Must have most recent medical and dental health record
  • Must take and pass the College Entrance Examination
  • Must have a copy of NSO certified birth certificate
  • Must have a certificate of good moral character
  • Must have a copy of high school diploma
  • One 2”x 2” copy of latest photo

How long does it take to complete BSBA in Advertising Management in the Philippines?

The BSBA in Advertising Management program takes 4 years to complete.

Subjects included in the BSBA in Advertising Management program

  • English Composition: Narrative Storytelling
  • Art History through the 19th Century
  • Art History through the 15th Century
  • Marketing & Advertising Strategies
  • Photography for Graphic Designers
  • Web Tools: Standards Compliant
  • Sketching for Communication
  • Principles of Graphic Design
  • Art Direction for Advertising
  • Introduction to Advertising
  • Composition for the Artist
  • Graphics 1: Typography
  • Innovative Advertising
  • Portfolio for Creatives
  • Advertising Creative
  • Brand and Branding
  • Art of Presentation
  • Designing Careers
  • Account Planning
  • Campaign Design
  • Color and Design
  • Digital Tools
  • Copywriting

Career opportunities for graduates of BSBA in Advertising Management in the Philippines

  • Advertising researcher
  • Advertising manager
  • Account manager
  • Product promoter
  • Creative Director
  • Art Director

Reviews of BSBA in Advertising Management graduates:

C. F.
◈ Studied Bachelor of Science in Advertising Management (slightly different course)
◈ At De La Salle University Manila
◈ Graduated 2012

list bulletAbout my college education:
I found the course really fun, different and engaging! Advertising Management takes a lot of creativity, hard work and social skills. The course I took is very hands-on. There is a corresponding activity/exercise for all that we learn in order for us to really get a grasp of how advertising goes about. The course teaches you how each of the departments in an advertising agency operates and provides experience and learnings for each.

list bulletMy current job:
Account Manager

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college:
Some of the experiences I've gained and the lessons I've been taught are what I apply at work right now, particularly the management side of advertising such as dealing with clients and suppliers, acquiring new business, handling accounts and paperwork to name a few.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job after graduation:
1 month

list bulletDo I recommend studying :
Employment opportunities in advertising are boundless. Advertising offers exciting projects. It is always fulfilling to see an idea grow into an execution.
Salary level is good in an advertising agency.
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