BS in International Hospitality Management in the Philippines

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Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management (BS-IHM) is a program that provides necessary knowledge and skills to students with regard to travel and tour operations. It also helps students learn to manage different sectors of travel, tourism, accommodation and food service industry. This program ensures that graduates of such course are not only talented and intellectually able but are also competent and competitive globally.

What are the admission requirements for BS in International Hospitality Management in the Philippines?

  1. Must have high school report card (form 138)
  2. Must have a copy of high school or college diploma
  3. Must be at least a high school graduate
  4. Must have certificate of good moral character
  5. Must take and pass the college admission exam
  6. Must have recommendation from professors of previous school
  7. Must have a certified true copy of NSO authenticated birth certificate
  8. Must have 2 pieces of “2x2” colored pictures
  9. Must be proficient in the English Language

How long does it take to complete BS in International Hospitality Management in the Philippines?

The Bachelor of Science in Travel Management program takes 4 years to complete.

What subjects are included in the BS in International Hospitality Management program?

Compulsory subjects:
  • Banquet, Function and Catering Services Procedures
  • Rooms Division Management and Control System
  • Food and Beverage Control System
  • Food and Beverage Service Procedures
  • Front Office Procedures
  • Housekeeping Procedures

Elective subjects
  • Leisure, Sports and Recreation Management
  • Banquet and Catering Management
  • Hospitality Operational Management
  • Convention Management
  • Hospitality Organizational Management
  • Western Cuisine – International and Classical Cuisine
  • Asian Cuisine 1 and 2 – Culinary

What are the different fields of specialization for BS of International Hospitality Management in the Philippines?

  1. Cruise Line Operations in Hotel Services – it includes the food/beverage services and accommodation on board a ship.
  2. Cruise Line Operations in Culinary Arts – It is focused on baking and culinary production and kitchen operations found in ships.
  3. Hotel and Restaurant Administration – It is focused on providing quality service for both food and accommodations.
  4. Culinary Arts and Kitchen Operations – It includes principles of food/beverage preparations and train students to cook and bake food in a safe, sanitary and nutritious way.

What are the career opportunities for graduates of BS of International Hospitality Management in the Philippines?

  • Front Office Supervisor
  • Housekeeping and Banquet Supervisor
  • Head Waiter
  • Front Office agent or Front Desk clerk
  • Bartender or bar attendant
  • Assistant Cook
  • General Manager
  • Front Desk Operator
  • Human Resource Assistant
  • Hotel Sales Coordinator
  • Restaurant Server
  • Banquet Chef
  • Cocktail Server
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Catering and Convention Manager

Reviews of BS in International Hospitality Management graduates:

D. M.
◈ Studied BS in International Hospitality Management
◈ At De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde
◈ Graduated 2010

list bulletWhy did I choose International Hospitality Management: I chose this course because I love attending to the needs of other people and I like the ambiance in the hospitality industry.

list bulletAbout my college education: Over-all, studying this course is enjoyable for me because I really like the course; I found my core subjects and major subjects interesting because I learn so many things, particularly in "hazards in food analysis" and "personality development in the hospitality industry ". It was really interesting because I have learned a lot that made me more knowledgeable.

However, there are some subjects whom I found boring like P.E. Because I'm not into sports or other activities which require so much energy. I found it boring since I don't have the capability of being an athlete and it was hard for me to play a sport or anything requiring energy. I remember one of my PE class, I failed in one of my activities. However, with the help of my fellow students, I passed!

To succeed in this course with flying colors, one must obtain the right amount of self-discipline, patience, and of course, hospitality. You should keep your feet on the ground, remember guests will always be right. You are going to guide them so you must follow them and respect them in order to succeed this course. Attend the whole class. Even if you feel like you will just die if you sit there any longer. Even if you feel your brain start to ooze out the side of your ear. Get involved on campus. All work and no *productive* socializing is boring.

list bulletMy current job: Hotel General Manager. Managing staffs in a Hotel.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: Yes. I used all the learning I gathered especially the proper way on how to handle peoples or guests. The proper ways of how to treat them good and how to comply with all their needs with a great satisfaction. I am applying the knowledge I have regarding criticisms, on how to handle it and how to understand the guest's behavior. It was hard to handle them, some are very offending when saying opinions and everything but thanks for my professors they taught me well how to get along with it.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: It took just a month to find a job after graduation.

list bulletDo I recommend studying International Hospitality Management: Yes. Employment opportunities are very wide. Hotels, resorts, and restaurants are opening up everywhere.

As for interesting career, for as long as you love what you do, it will always remain interesting and fulfilling to you.

Salary level ranges from 20,000-30,000 starting not to mention the privileges and tips from the guests.

list bulletAdvice to people who are thinking of studying this course: I advice them to really think about it, if they easily get affected with criticisms might as well not take this course because you will receive a lot of criticisms from guests in this industry.

However, if you really love assisting other people, then this is the right course for you and you don't have to worry so much, just always love what you are doing. You can never finish a job or task with satisfaction if you do not like what you're doing. You must decide wisely if you really want this course because this is not as easy as you think.
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