BS in Information Technology specialized in Cisco Networking studies in the Philippines

Reviews of BS in Information Technology specialized in Cisco Networking graduates:

Why did I choose this course:
I chose this course because of my sincere interest to pursue this study. It was my second interest next to Mass Communications. Technically, it is also one of the most highly paid courses around.

About my college education:
I have learned the principles of computing, especially in the fields of Software Engineering, Object Oriented programming, Computer Networking and Management.

Most subjects in the school are very hard to pass, an, at most time high percentage of students failing a subject. The challenging ones were math subjects, computer architecture and computer programming as they require most to be executed in a well constructed and efficient logical paradigm.

One of most useful things I used was the training and challenge that I got in computer programming. The syntax and rules of the language was not important but rather the approach and interpretation of a certain problem was essential to create the solution needed.

The passing rate in our school was quite challenging for most people. I myself had failed certain subjects, mostly in mathematics. The quizzes and exam was very hard and advanced. Some people who get a considerable amount of failing grades either transfer to another school or shift to another course.

My current job:
Currently, I am employed in Accenture as part of the Infrastructure Services project.

My primary task is to install, configure, troubleshoot different network related concerns from routers, firewalls and switches up to workstation configuration and security implementation.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
It took me 3 months until I finally find a job suited for me with the compensation I need. It took almost an endless time and effort to apply to different employers offering a little compensation.

Advice to people who are thinking of studying this course:
There's only one advice I could give:
With every challenging attempts to pass, take it as a challenge to advance yourself. When you failed, take it as an opportunity to learn and develop yourself. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.
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