BS in Environmental Science in the Philippines

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science program (BS-ES) prepares students for graduate studies as well as for a variety of careers that emphasize studying, analyzing and providing solutions to environmental problems.
The program is designed to provide students with knowledge and techniques in investigating questions related to the human population, environmental and natural resources management.

Admission requirements for the BS in Environmental Science program in the Philippines

  • Must have the original and photocopy of the high school report card (form 138)
  • Must have recommendation from High school principal and guidance counsellor
  • Must have most recent medical and dental health record
  • Must take and pass the college entrance examination
  • Must have a copy of NSO certified birth certificate
  • Must have a certificate of good moral character
  • Must have a copy of the honourable dismissal
  • Must have a copy of the high school diploma
  • One 2”x 2” copy of latest photo

Duration of the BS in Environmental Science program in the Philippines

The BS in Environmental Science program takes 4 years to complete.

Subjects included in the BS in Environmental Science program

  • Biochemistry Organic Plant Management
  • Professional Practice for Consultants
  • Environmental Waste Management
  • Reafforestation and Landcare
  • Environmental Management
  • Nature Park Management
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Environmental Practice
  • Permaculture Systems
  • Environmental Health
  • Wildlife Management
  • Project Management
  • Weed Management
  • Vertebrate Zoology
  • Plant Biochemistry
  • Alternative Energy
  • Industry Meetings
  • Soil Management
  • Research Project
  • Plant Protection
  • Plant Pathology
  • Marine Studies
  • Earth Science
  • Biochemistry
  • Ornithology
  • Cell Biology
  • Ecotourism
  • Statistics
  • Ecology
  • Botany

Career opportunities for graduates of BS in Environmental Science in the Philippines

  • Environmental Health & Safety Specialist
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Employee in Government Institutions
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Academician
  • Researcher

Reviews of BS in Environmental Science graduates:

About my college education:
It was a bit bland, to be frank. The degree program I chose was relatively easy. Most of my fellow students paid more attention to matters other than academics. It's not particularly difficult, but one has to stay focused on things that really matter.

Helpful skills would be good information gathering and retention skills, open-mindedness, willingness to work with others.

My current job:
University Instructor/Researcher

Am I using what I learned in college:
One skill I acquired during college that turned out to be important is the development and maintenance of social skills. It is highly necessary to maintain a certain degree of professionalism.
Although the specifics of my college classes have long since been lost, I found the general knowledge pretty useful as a backbone for further learning. Being able to speak in front of a large audience also turned out to be useful, more so because I tend to get nervous when it comes to public speaking.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
3 Months

Do I recommend studying BS in Environmental Science and Technology:
Employment oppurtunities include Environment-related research, Government offices, Education, Freelance writing.
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