BS in Business Management in the Philippines

Reviews of BS in Business Management graduates:

K. A.
Studied Bachelor in Arts in Business Major in Management (slightly different course)
at Polytechnic University of the Philippines , Manila
Graduated: 2002

Why did I choose this course:
I choose this course because I was not been qualified to get Accountancy. All my subject from Accountancy is credited to this course and it's a big help so I don't need to get other subject to graduate on time to help my family.

About my college education:
It's difficult but still you get interested on the course.
To succeed in this course requires Initiative, Cleverness, Observant, Hardworking and team player. Assertive on details. Goal driven person.

My current job:
Accounting Officer

Am I using what I learned in college:
Be able to be observant and hardworking. Observant to how to do the job well be able not to do same mistake as others do. Hardworking to learning and be able to adapt on work.

Do I recommend studying Bachelor in Arts in Business Major in Management:
The employment opportunity is broad need just to find what you really best in doing it.

Salary level is fine and rewarding as long as your capable of the job and you will get paid right for your credentials.

Advice to people who are thinking of studying this course:
In this course you should know your skills and how to develop and be able to use it in your career.
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