BS in Agribusiness Economics in the Philippines

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Reviews of BS in Agribusiness Economics graduates:

R. C.
◈ Studied BS in Agricultural Economics
◈ At University of the Philippines Los Banos
◈ Graduated 2008

list bulletAbout my college education: In BS Agricultural Economics, in the first two years you'll learn about basic to advanced Agricultural practices (animal and crop sciences, agronomy, soil sciences, botany and zoology, etc), as well as basic to advanced economics. These subjects prepare AgEcon students in applying economics to agriculture, which in turn would help them in the following fields:
- Farm Management
- Agricultural Policy
- International Agricultural Trade
- Agricultural Marketing
- Agrarian Reforms
- Applied Economics
- Agricultural Finance and Cooperatives
- Agricultural Research and Development
- Development Studies

I got topnotch education from the experts themselves in their respective fields. The high standards was a huge challenge, yes, and I failed in a lot of quizzes, exams, and subjects, but I did enjoy staying in UP during my four years in college. The experiences that I've gained both on and off the classroom are very much rewarding. I won't exchange it for the world.

list bulletMy current job: Windows Systems Administrator for Meralco

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: During the course of my college life I also honed my skills in critical thinking and logical thought. I also learned how to conduct proper research and analysis, and how to create a write-up on these researches. These are the skills that I've been using the most in my job.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: I got the job in Meralco five months after graduation. In those five months, I went through their application process and were interviewed for different positions and departments, until they found a suitable department for me. Concurrently, while I was being interviewed by Meralco I was also recruited by my thesis adviser to be his research assistant for his upcoming project. The project did not push through, however, so I was then recruited by my mother to be her research assistant for her office's newsletter.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Agribusiness Economics: Yes, I would recommend this course to others.

Agricultural Economics graduates usually go on to work in the Philippine government, in the academe, or as researchers for various R&D organizations, which often includes writing a lot of papers and then presenting them to an audience, a lot of research and analysis, social interaction with people from all walks of life, and a lot of travels inside and outside the country.

However, a lot of AgEcon students also end up in financial institutions, retail services, and farm management due to it's major offerings (Finance and Cooperatives, Agricultural Marketing, and Farm Management). Graduates who majored in Finance and Cooperatives can work for banks, lending and microfinancial institutions, and cooperatives. On the other hand, students who majored in Agricultural Marketing can also work for retail companies like Robinson's and SM, as well as marketers/salespeople for. Farm management majors, meanwhile, can become farm managers of big companies like San Miguel BMeg and Bounty AgroVentures. They can also work as farm managers for poultry and dairy farms abroad (usually in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada).
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