BFA in Advertising Arts in the Philippines

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Program Overview

The BFA major in Advertising Arts (BFA-ADVART) program provides knowledge and practical skills to students in areas of art management, creative writing, information design and advertising. It aims to produce graduates, who are competent and are well-trained for the leadership and competition in the local and global industry of advertising and artistic production.

The program covers concepts of advertising applied in printed and electronic media such as posters, magazine and television advertisements. It also includes aspects of graphic arts, photography, painting and sculpture.

Admission requirements for BFA major in Advertising Arts in the Philippines

  • Must have recommendation from high school principal and school guidance counsellor certifying to the applicant’s work and from a prominent member of the community
  • Must have the Original copy of high school card (Form 138A)
  • Must have most recent medical and dental health record
  • Must take and pass the College Entrance Examination
  • Must have a copy of NSO certified birth certificate
  • Must have a certificate of good moral character
  • Must have a copy of high school diploma
  • One 2”x 2” copy of latest photo

How long does it take to complete BFA major in Advertising Arts in the Philippines

The BFA Major in Advertising Arts (BFA-ADVART) program takes 4 years to complete.

Subjects included in the BFA major in Advertising Arts program

  • Introduction to Information Technology (with Computer Fundamentals)
  • Principles of Economics (with Agrarian Reform and Taxation)
  • Fundamentals of Logic and Ethics (with Values Education)
  • College Reading and Writing
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Advertising Production
  • Mechanical Drawing
  • History of Art
  • Scenography
  • Photography
  • Graphic Arts
  • Perspective
  • Illustration
  • Cartooning
  • Workshop
  • Aesthetics
  • Sketching
  • Sculpture
  • Lettering
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Design
  • Layout

Career opportunities for graduates of BFA major in Advertising Arts in the Philippines

  • Professional Printmaker
  • Professional Sculptor
  • Professional Painter
  • Furniture Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Interior Designer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Photographer
  • Display Artist
  • Art Director

Reviews of Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts graduates:

J. A.
◈ Studied BS in Fine Arts major in Advertising (slightly different course)
◈ At University of Santo Tomas
◈ Graduated 2010

list bulletWhy did I choose Advertising: Because this is where my talent can be enhanced and be used.

list bulletAbout my college education: I learned about the arts of Photography, Layout, Designs, Digital and Hand rendered art works, Advertising. The Thesis the most difficult, because it is the most time consuming and most expensive. Photography was the most enjoyable subject.
Some people failed and had to repeat subjects. UST has very high standards.

This course requires discipline, time management, talent and hard work

list bulletMy current job: I'm a college professor / Advertising Photographer / Cinematographer / Freelance Artist

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: Most of them. I still use the same principles and lessons I learned in college. But experience is still the best teacher.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: 2 months

list bulletDo I recommend studying Advertising: Graphic artists are among the top jobs needed in the past 2 years according to surveys. Employment opportunities are very good.

Salary: Artists are one of the highest paid in the industry. Especially if you are an art director. You can even earn more doing freelance.

list bulletAdvice to people who are thinking of studying this course: Be sure that this is the course for you. It's not an easy course. Be sure you have the passion for arts and design. Also, you need skill in order to pass this course.
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