BFA in Industrial Design in the Philippines

Reviews of Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Industrial Design graduates:

J. R.
Studied BFA in Industrial Design
at University of Santo Tomas , Manila
Graduated: 2008

About my college education:
My course for me is quite challenging. I didn't expect that it would require a lot of skills. For example, you need rendering skills for your Arts and Color subject; Technical skills for graphics related subjects; modeling skills for model & construction class; and of course a wild imagination for all your plates and projects that you need to submit within a week. Though it is hard, I enjoyed it because I like building and making stuff. When I graduated, I wished that I've given more effort to my plates because when you look back, its so much fun to do. Being in this course is also expensive. Besides buying coloring materials which costs quite a fortune already, you need to buy all those modeling stuff like resin, styrofoam, foamboard, mighty bond etc.

My current job:
I am a freelance Graphic Artist & Business woman

Am I using what I learned in college:
Actually for me, its really different when you're already working. They say that you learn the most outside your school. Its true, I learned a lot in the company where I used to work. However, regarding the things that im using that I learned in UST, I must say that learning about the different materials for products (rattan, types of papers, resin, styrofoam, metal, wood etc) gave me an edge. I can immediately distinguish what kind of materials I could use, I dont need to ask anybody about it. Our professors taught us a lot when it comes to materials and processes. Also, things such as creating displays and models are very handy in the visual merchandising department.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
I got my first interview after a day of submitting my resume to the company. Then I got accepted and stayed there for 2 1/2 years.

Do I recommend studying BFA in Industrial Design:
YES! Actually, you can find a lot of industrial design related jobs in other countries such as Singapore and Europe. Here in the Philippines, I think there are quite a few jobs. But as an industrial designer, you could also take advertising jobs like what I did. It actually depends on what you really want as your job. For me, I like graphic design, so even though I didnt take an Advertising course, I can still do it because I love using Photoshop. Its actually up to you. The salary level depends also on the company. But if you work as an industrial designer, the income is higher than graphic artists.
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