BSEEd in Special Education in the Philippines

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Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education major in Special Education program (BEEd-SPED) is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills in caring to the educational needs of special children.

The program is focused on providing students with a better understanding on the psychology of special children, the proper and effective teaching approach and strategies with the use of appropriate learning materials.

Admission requirements for BEEd in Special Education the Philippines

  • Must have recommendation from high school principal and guidance counsellor
  • Must have the Original copy of high school card (Form 138A)
  • Must have most recent medical and dental health record
  • Must take and pass the College Entrance Examination
  • Must have a copy of NSO certified birth certificate
  • Must have a certificate of good moral character
  • Must have a copy of high school diploma
  • One 2”x 2” copy of latest photo

Duration of BEEd in Special Education program in the Philippines

The BS in Elementary Education major in Special Education program takes 4 years to complete.
An on-job training or internship is done on the third and fourth years of the program, where students are exposed to both in-campus and out-campus teaching. The internship will last for at least 1 month on every year.

Subjects included in the BEEd in Special Education program

  • Movement Arts and Music for Children with Special Needs
  • Effective Communication with Professional and Families
  • Psychological and Physical Knowledge Approaches
  • Introduction to Sociology with Family Planning
  • Experiencing the teaching- Learning Process
  • Assessment of Children with Special Needs
  • The Learners Development & Environment
  • Pagbasa at Pagsulat Tungo sa Pananaliksik
  • Psychology of Children with Special Needs
  • Komunikasyon sa Akademikong Filipino
  • Technology in Learning Environment
  • Introduction to Philosophy and Logic
  • Child & Adolescent Development
  • Speech and Oral Communication
  • Social Dimensions of Education
  • Learning Assessment Strategies
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Philippine Literature in English
  • SPED Classroom Management
  • Teaching Multi Grade Classes
  • Masining na Pamamahayag
  • Observational Child Study
  • Curriculum Development
  • Exploring the Curriculum
  • The Teaching Professions
  • Developmental Reading
  • Behavior Management
  • Life and Works of Rizal
  • Principles of Teaching
  • Communication Skills
  • Educational Statistics
  • Facilitating Learning
  • Introduction to SPED
  • Curriculum for SPED
  • General Psychology
  • Biological Sciences
  • Inclusive Education
  • Sports and Games
  • Art Appreciation
  • World Literature
  • Peace Education
  • Educational Tech
  • Earth Science
  • Assessment
  • Field Study
  • Basic ICT

Licensure examination required in order to practice as Elementary Special Education teacher in the Philippines

A graduate of BEEd in Special Education needs to pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers in order to practice as a teacher in the Philippines. The examination is given by the Board of Professional Teachers under the supervision of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

Requirements for the Licensure Examination for Teachers

  • Must be a holder of a degree in BEED major in Special Education with academic credits on required subjects from a university recognized by the Philippine government.
  • Must have a copy of the Transcript of Records with Special order and date of graduation with remarks “FOR BOARD EXAMINATION PURPOSES ONLY”
  • Must not have any case filed or pending for moral turpitude in any court in the Philippines that involves moral turpitude
  • Must have an original copy of community tax certificate (cedula)
  • Must have a copy of the NSO authenticated birth certificate
  • Must be of good health and sound mind
  • Must be of good moral character
  • Must be a Filipino Citizen

Career opportunities for graduates of BEEd in Special Education in the Philippines

  • SPED Teacher
  • SPED Facilitator/Speaker
  • Day Care Supervisor
  • Instructional Materials Consultant
  • Instructional Materials Developer
  • SPED Researcher
  • Seminar Trainer
  • Textbook Writer
  • Module Writer
  • Researcher
  • Principal

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Reviews of BEEd in Special Education graduates:

M. M.
◈ Studied Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Special Education BEED- SPED
◈ At St. Scholastica's College
◈ Graduated 2011

list bulletWhy did I choose BEEd in Special Education: My passion for learning and teaching. Especially the children that I will teach. I love children and I really like to teaching them especially when it comes to Good Manners and Right Conduct.

list bulletAbout my college education: The four years of studying was full of fun and learning! Yes there were times when the studying gets tough and requires tedious work, all of it was worth it because of the learning!
In succeeding in the course Education, I think it’s the passion and dedication for the future in teaching.

list bulletMy current job: I am a Private Homeschool teacher.
I teach children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. And I believe that I am living my dream because this is what I really wanted from the first place =)

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: Mostly yes, the knowledge and theories I have to consider in teaching a class or a student is very important in the field.
What exactly have I used is knowledge on special education, learning styles and techniques, measurements and assessments.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: I graduated March 2010 and I was employed by May for a Preschool teaching job then I started working June of the same year.

list bulletDo I recommend studying BEEd in Special Education: Of course! With the new K-12 program by the Department of Education and as a developing country, I strongly believe that teacher aspirants have great opportunities ahead of them.

Salary wise, the government are giving at par salary for educators, bonuses and increases. Also in private schools teachers get benefits such as health benefits, tuition fee and book discounts for their children.

list bulletAdvice to people who are thinking of studying this course: When you are certain of what you want to pursue and become in life, then everything will go smooth sailing. The positive outlook, good time-management and perseverance one must, will help them succeed not only in taking the course but in life as well.
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