BSEEd in Mathematics in the Philippines

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Reviews of BEEd in Mathematics graduates:

R. A.
◈ Studied Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics (slightly different course)
◈ At Arellano University in Pasig
◈ Graduated 2006

list bulletAbout my college education:
I find my course an interesting subject. Apparently, it is difficult and challenging but I enjoyed it a lot. In order to succeed, you must have the patience in all aspects like solving different kinds of math problems and dealing with your students.

list bulletMy current job:
Primary School Teacher

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college:
Since I studied education, I am applying most of what I have learned in my current job. This includes teaching skills, soft skills and knowledge in Mathematics.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job after graduation:
I passed the board examination right away so I was able to get a job immediately after passing my board exam.

list bulletDo I recommend studying BSEd in Mathematics:
I highly recommend this course to everyone since being a teacher means having a stable career. Not only that it is in demand, the salary is suitable enough especially if you are working nearby your place. You will feel fulfilled when you see that your students are learning. You will also get to meet a lot of people each year.
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