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Reviews of BEEd in Mathematics graduates:

R. D.
◈ Studied Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Mathematics
◈ At University of St. La Salle
◈ Graduated 2005

list bulletAbout my college education: When I was in university, I learnt many things to improve my skills.

First, I was able to improve my communication skills. I had problems expressing my thoughts. I preferred to write notes rather than to talk to our foreign classmates. One day, our teachers in College of Education encouraged us to speak out and told us about their experiences how they developed their communication skills. I was inspired of what they've shared and I started to feel comfortable speaking in front of my classmates. It was challenging or difficult at first but I didn't mind my accent and my grammar. I have learnt that once you have developed your self-confidence, communication skills are next to it. I was able to follow the American accent which is helpful for me to find a job even in abroad. We were required to take public speaking class, speech class and join in clubs like MTS Club which really helped a lot to explore or enhance our talents in declamation, drama and speaking. Debate also is included in our Philosophy class where in we have to join the 'boast contest' or called "tikal-tikal contest" before we picked the topic in the debate. This kind of contest was really fun and I enjoyed it even though we didn't win. In Filipino class, we did the extemporaneous speech which is also nice to enhance the speaking skills.

Second, I was able to develop my skills in music. I am a tone deaf and my family doesn't have musical skills but I am required to take music class (Philippine Music) . As a teacher, I should be able to sing or at least play one instrument like guitar even though I am not a music teacher. We were given 3 weeks to practice how to play the instrument and after that we have to sing and play the guitar in front of 3 professors from different universities. Now, I use that skill before I start the lesson to kindergarten kids. Prayers and patience are must in order to develop musical skills.

Third, I was able to improve my maths skills. In our maths class, we were given formulas and we should be able to find out the derivation of each formula. This was really difficult because we asked and interviewed some students from other colleges. They weren't able to find the answers. Hard work was really needed in this area.

Fourth, I was able to develop my sports skills. I didn't like sports but when I started to learn how to play ball games, I started to love it. Dancing was one of my weaknesses but we were required to join in cheering competition because we had the least number of students in the campus. Because of it, I join in any dance number in my working place and also sports. I work in the international school and every year there are some events that we need to join or participate like Sport's Day (parents versus teachers) and Graduation Day or Christmas Party (teachers are required to perform one dance number) .

I believe that motivation (intrinsic or extrinsic) and prayers (MAP-motivation and prayers) are required to succeed as a student of this course (B.E.E.D Major in Mathematics) because other skills might develop like arts, music, sports, social, emotional, maths, English etc. I use the skills I learnt in my working place, at home and even in church.

list bulletMy current job: Presently, I am Maths and Science teacher in Kindergarten at Anglo Singapore International School in Bangkok.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: Yes, I use what I have learnt. First, I use my computer skills because in our school we have to use laptop or tablet, projector and speakers. Also, I have to type my lesson plan in MS word save in the server. Second, I sing in the class and sometimes I play guitar so that the kids are motivated to sing. Third, my major is Mathematics so they let me teach Maths in kindergarten. Fourth, I assigned to handle swimming club in kindergarten and I am able to apply what I have learnt in swimming class and water games in college.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: I was hired in one of the private schools in our place a month before my graduation. That was March. My graduation was in April.

list bulletDo I recommend studying BEEd in Mathematics: If anyone likes to teach kids or have a passion to teach and you want to earn money then you can take Education especially if the major is English, Mathematics or Science. You can teach in abroad like China, South Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar and in other countries in Asia.
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