Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing studies in the Philippines

Reviews of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing graduates:

D. B.
Studied Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Creative Writing
at Ateneo de Manila University , Quezon City
Graduated: 2014

Why did I choose this course:
Because of my passion for writing and willingness to improve.

About my college education:
Being a student of play-writing, it was easy yet challenging at the same time because of my involvement in theater. Skills and attitude to survive the course include humility (you will have to endure numerous workshops and criticisms) and an ever-open mind for creativity.

My current job:
I am taking a double major in Theater Arts, but I have applied to jobs around and have received offers from companies.

Do I recommend studying Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Creative Writing:
I would recommend this course for people who want to live their life to the fullest as a writer. Money will come sooner or later, just keep doing what you want and do your very best.

Advice to people who are thinking of studying this course:
Give every genre a chance - I didn't know I was meant for play-writing when I first entered the university.
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