Bachelor in Business Teacher Education in the Philippines

Reviews of Bachelor in Business Teacher Education graduates:

S. C.
Studied BS in Business Teacher Education (slightly different course)
at Polytechnic University of the Philippines , Manila
Graduated: 2007

About my college education:
At first, I am not interested with my courses; however, due to some challenging subjects like stenography and typing, I enjoyed being at my college. It is definitely interesting for me as I dreamed of being a teacher when I was young. I also like the fact that I can be a teacher or an office woman with my course.

My current job:
I am a Technical Support in a call center industry.

Am I using what I learned in college:
Yes, there's a lot of skills I learned from my university that I can use and apply in my career. The skills in typing, teaching, and ability to express myself. My knowledge in English and speaking English can be added.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
Less than a month only

Do I recommend studying BS in Business Teacher Education:
Yes, I recommend my course because after graduation, you can apply to any company as an office clerk or can be a teacher to any school and teach high school or elementary level.
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