Bachelor in Business Teacher Education in the Philippines

Reviews of Bachelor in Business Teacher Education graduates:

Why did I choose this course:
Because I want to be a good educator someday.

About my college education:
We are raised not to learn all the subjects that was on the curriculum but we are raised to go beyond that and learned to know things on our own and our professor are their to assess and provide us some useful questions for things that we must be able to know

We don't really have a difficult subjects it will all depend on our professor on how they will make it difficult or easy depends on how they assess our learning

We are not provided with an option to shift courses but lots of those who can't managed to keep up with the standards of teaching in this school transfer to another school to take another courses.

Well for you to succeed in this course you just need to learn how to love what you're doing and be flexible

My current job:
I'm a customer service representative as of the moment, but I really do like to be a teacher, just waiting for the result of my licensure this year.
Being a representative you really need to bear the shortcomings of the company and provide your best resolving the problem of your customer not to mentioned that some of us are require to go beyond that and we are ask to be friendly in spite of some of the clients are really irate and racist but I was able to manage the stress because it is nothing compared with what we've done so far in the school where I came from

Am I using what I learned in college:
I learned to be flexible, stress management and most of all I learned to strive harder and be at our best at all times.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
2 days right after graduation

Do I recommend studying Bachelor in Business Teachers Education:
Yes, I strongly suggest for all of them to take same course that I have specially now that it come to my knowledge that they do some improvements in our curriculum we need to flexible that is what I learned we should be able to handle any job that is available which we are capable of, and we must be competitive even those who was not able to graduate due to being financially challenge where able to get promoted in same kind of job that I have in less than a year using the skills that was taught to us by our professors

Advice to people who are thinking of studying this course:
Well at first you will not going like it but if you will be in a real life situation right after graduation you'll be thankful you have the lots of choices in job.
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