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Margaret Lagoting-manalo
◈ Studied ABMC in Broadcasting
◈ At La Consolacion College - Manila
◈ Graduated 2010

list bulletAbout my college education:
Some people say (I also said it before) that when you hate Math, this course is the perfect escapism for that subject. Haha! But seriously, Mass Communication is so dynamic and fun because you will get to know the different types of communication and how it affects the community. You will deeply know the essence why communication is so important; why film is not just for entertainment purposes and why every Filipino gather together (family bonding) whenever Manny Pacquaio fights boxing [televised].

I must say that there is no such difficult course. You just have to know what you really want. On my part as a Broadcast major, I enjoyed learning the system of media production because I like making videos and sharing my thoughts through web blog. My interest matched my chosen course.

Skills needed for the course? Be Active and hyperactive! Just want to share the "FAT" which I got from my handsome husband. F-aith, A-vailable, T-eachable. Faith, that God put you in that course because He has great plan for you (greater than what you can imagine). Available- availability is so important because this will prove that you are really dedicated to your passion. Last but not the least, Teachable- Learn to accept mistakes and compliments. Once you step on that room, expect that you will experience red marks or failure but don't stop there. These will boost you to become the best of yourself. Failing is the reason of success. You wouldn't know that you succeed if you didn't fail.

list bulletMy current job:
I'm self-employed. I own and manage online business. I'm also the filmmaker on my Youtube account.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college:
I must say that the teachings of the school will be your basic foundation. Education that you get from school will strengthen your skills. I still use what I learned from my course. I broadcast through video via internet. I write my own scripts, shoot my video, I act in front of the camera, edit and broadcast.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job after graduation:
It didn't take too long because when I was still a student, I was a volunteer of an artist collective until after I graduated, they asked me to work for them. Afterwards, I started my own business.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication:
I recommend this course in terms of all of the above. Mass Communication is so big, chances are you can work for print ( like newspaper and magazine), advertising agencies, tv production, film, and internet. These are just few examples.

Career world in this generation are into internet/online business. Someone who is knowledgeable or expert in media is needed. As I've mentioned, internet businesses are now rising, therefore you can put almost everything on internet.

One of the interesting things that I'm experiencing as a self-employed is, you can work anywhere as long as you have internet access. You can spend more time with family and friends than being closed on a cubicle waiting for 5pm to go home. Write my stories and publish it through video. Get payed online.

Salary will depend on the type of job that you have. Example, if you chose the path to be a tv director, chances are your salary is high. I suggest you choose wisely. Not all high-paying job is healthy (ex: you need to be on the set 24/7 and you only have once in a month day off).
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