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K. J.
Studied Mass Communication Major in Broadcasting and Journalism (slightly different course)
at Central Philippine University , Iloilo City
Graduated: 2011

About my college education:
Most people say that Mass Communication is just a piece of cake, like anyone can get in and out without a sweat. Of course that's not true. For four years it was a combination of interesting, difficult, enjoyable and challenging. You need to be interested with what youre doing and you also have to have passion and drive. I think what made the journey more amazing is the people you get to meet in and out of your comfort zone.. All those sleepless nights trying to finish a documentary or a short film, those numerous days we have to stay up late to finish our thesis, those moments where we have to be more alert than ever because we are covering an event.. it was all good memories and lessons. Learning the ropes of the media gave us an edge and I must say it did open my eyes when it comes to the importance of being a mass media practitioner. Those were just some of my awesome-mest years! :)

My current job:
I dont have a job now.

Am I using what I learned in college:
I guess my english skills really helped me a lot. also my training on how to handle different kinds of people was a big help too. I may have not exactly used everything but I assure you, my college training was a good background for me to deal with the real thing.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
I didnt immediately look for a job since I wanted to rest for a while.. after I decided that I was ready, it only took me 2 weeks to get a job in a call center - Convergys Ayala.

Do I recommend studying Mass Communication Major in Broadcasting and Journalism:
Of course! Being a Mass Communication graduate is amazing as long as you know how to push your full potential.
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