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Why did I choose this course:
As the great educator, former lawyer and former president of Harvard University Mr. Derek Bok quote - "If you think education is expensive, then try ignorance." Being unfortunate in financial assistance is not a hindrance. I know I can be a reporter or a credible journalist someday in the media industry because that is my dream and I know that the entire universe will conspire someday if I stay resilient to achieve it. Aside from this, writing and researching is my passion ever since I was a little girl and Hollywood industry nowadays that were more into novel-based movie inspires me to continue reaching for my dreams for it was not impossible that in the Philippines, journalism will reach it's peak.

About my college education:
My college life became bliss of essential memories that I will always cherish even if I became successful. I know it is my dream that is why there are no doubts that I really enjoy being a Mass Communication student. Though neophyte to be considering in searching for new avenues of my freshmen life I have still enjoyed general subjects like Communication arts, Algebra and Physics. Same as my junior life for I have studied Foreign Language, Rizal, Oral Communication, Philippine History, Sociology Human Arts and Appreciation and many more. Aside from this, it is my second year in college that I became the staff writer of the Pacesetter, the official student publication of Bulacan State University. Then the last half of my college life becomes the crucial part. I have experienced to taste the real world of Mass Communication industry through taking up Thesis Writing, Television Production, Advertising, Video Procedures and Operations, Broadcast Law and Ethics, Television and Radio Writing subjects as my major subjects. Passing the exams of the said subjects were truly difficult but I was glad to say that our batch did not fail or had repeat subjects because I was belong to a cluster where everyone prioritize education and do not waste all their parent’s sacrifices for them.
For me, Advertising subject is the most difficult among the other subjects. In this subject I was encourage to be more confident in conceptualizing attractive topics for promotion and improving my creative skills for the sponsors to bite our proposed advertising subjects. It was not really easy to get a lot of benefactors for the Concert for a cause that we organized last September 27, 2013 because it will take a lot of promotions and sale talk to broadcast the real essence of the concert and to earn fund out of the tickets and sponsors. But through this subject, I know that I was truly molded and improved as the Food Head Committee of the concert. In fact I have attracted 20 food sponsors nationwide and they take 40% part to fund the said concert and it was a big accomplishment for me.

When I started to become a campus journalist and an editor of the Pacesetter in my senior life, the three hundred sixty degree of my life has change. Being a writer is the most enjoyable part of my college life. I have learned to be more updated in the current news in and out of the university, well-informed and my writing skills have been improved. Also, I experienced to become a part of the championship of the publication for the Regional Higher Education Press Conference in Central Luzon held in San Fernando Pampanga last January 2014. Aside from the academe perks, I found my most comfortable and trusted friends in the said Publication that become my family at the same time. And I know that I will treasure it forever.
Most of the college students in our university thought Mass Communication is just an easy course to surpass. In fact, there are one survey conducted by the BulSU Research and Development Center that Mass Communication ranks first as the Easiest College Course in BulSU. They also say that people in our college were just talkative and according to the study, we really did not take our course seriously. But I beg to disagree. Though Mass Communication does not require taking licensure exam in order to become professional, Mass Communication people requires to be CREATIVE enough to survive the concept pitching in every project proposal, composed visual-class music videos or short film, produced quality newspapers and outstanding performance, recognized world-class talents and appreciates the real Art of everything under the sun. Though Mass Communication always connotes as the talkative ones I may say that our oral expression is our capital for us to success. Having a high self-esteem and confidence in the field of communication, broadcasting, publication and other media related course through perceiving determination.

My current job:
I am currently working as a Faculty Researcher under Research and Development Office in La Consolacion University Philippines (LCUP) Malolos Campus.

My job is to conduct at least two studies every school semester for the development and improvement of the institution and also, I have to gather research study for the proposed projects presented in the Administration of LCUP. I was still under probationary and my evaluation was based under my performance for the school year 2014-2015.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
After I graduated last March 31, I decided to attend job fairs and send online applications in different media related companies. For almost one month, I was fortunate to hired be as Program Researcher in GMA News TV specifically the Unang Hirit Program and State of the Nation with Jessica Soho but I choose to work in LCUP as a Faculty Researcher and I my contract started last May 16, 2014 for I know that there are lots of opportunities in the field and I have a chance to publish my study internationally if I work hard on it.

Advice to people who are thinking of studying this course:
As the great author the Paul J. Meyer quote – “Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success”. Bridging the gap between the people in the society is the main advocacy of the media and as the world become innovated, our profession serves as the most powerful influence to connect the environment we are striving to live. For those who were just like the quote of Meyer believing that through information it will never be outdated, for those young minds like me who always dream to become a successful film director, author, journalist, reporter or even a mass communication professor someday, for those who believe that transparency in disseminating communication through research and practicing our profession, just continue to believe in your dreams. And in order to become successful in the field of Mass Communication you have to break your limits in the four corner of the classroom, find alternative ways to improve your writing and oral communication skills,
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