AB in Political Science in the Philippines

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (PolSci) is a four-year degree program which centers on the study of governments, the history and forms of political institutions, political behavior and political policies. It covers important areas of study including Philippine Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory and Methodology, Public Administration, Political Dynamics, Local and Global Governance, and Research in Politics. AB in Political Science is also a preparatory course for a law degree.

Some of the subjects taught in this program include:
  • Fundamentals of Political Science
  • Introduction to Philippine Government and Politics
  • Philippine Public Administration
  • Government and Politics of Southeast Asia
  • An Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics
  • Ancient and Medieval Political Theories
  • Modern Political Theories
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • International and Regional Organizations
  • Introduction to Political Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis of Political Data

AB in Political Science is taught through classroom-based frontal instructions, group activities, oral and written tasks, debates, as well as conferences and seminars.

Is Political Science a profession?

"Political Science" is not a profession. However, graduates of AB in Political Science can pursue careers in the fields of public administration, politics, international affairs and academics.

What are the admission requirements for AB-Pol.Sci?

Requirements at each school may differ, but these are the common requirements:
  • Must be a high school graduate.
    Those who did not complete high school education may opt to first attend Alternative Learning System (ALS) and pass the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) to qualify for college. However, some universities only offer selected courses for PEPT passers admission.
  • Must pass the college entrance examination
  • Must pass the interview conducted by the college / university admission officer
  • Medical laboratory results and health certificate
  • Good Moral certificate from the previous school (sometimes from enrollees Barangay)
  • Some schools require a particular rating in the National Secondary Assessment Test (NSAT)

What skills and traits will help you succeed in this course?

AB in Political Science will be difficult and tedious for those without the relevant skills and personal traits. It does not require mathematical skills and no knowledge in science, and is suitable for people with a tendency towards the humanistic and philosophical side of things.

Here are the traits and skills that can help you succeed in this program and have a successful career in relevant fields:
  • A predisposition towards political involvement and participation
  • An interest in understanding political issues and problems
  • Social awareness
  • A passion for intellectual discourse
  • Confidence and public speaking skills
  • The ability to assemble and present empirical evidence
  • The ability to think critically, logically, and analytically – in order to make reasoned conclusions and evaluate conflicting arguments that may be presented in class.
  • English Skills – most of the reading materials are in English and the majority of the academic requirements should be presented in English as well.
  • Communication Skills – the ability to express ones self in verbal and written form is important because this course involves activities wherein you will be required to present information to your professors ad classmates.
  • Reading Comprehension – this skill is important because this course entails a lot of reading assignments.
  • Interpersonal Skills – the ability to interact harmoniously with other people will help you work on group projects and class activities with your classmates.

How long does it take to complete AB in Political Science in the Philippines?

Normally, the AB-Pol.Sci program takes 4 years to complete. Some schools who apply the trimestral school calendar system do the program in 3 years.

On The Job Training / Internship

The Commission on Higher Education gives the schools the leeway of requiring an internship for their Political Science students.

Is there a board examination for AB-Pol.Sci?

There is no board examination for AB in Political Science graduates.

If you plan on working in the government sector, you can take a competency examination called the Civil Service Examination. Those who pass the civil service examination are conferred a civil service eligibility, which is a basic requirement for entrance to government service.

Career opportunities for AB-Pol.Sci graduates

  • Jobs related to Political Science

    • Entry level jobs

      Jobs requiring no prior to minimal level of experience:
      • Personnel in Government Offices, Courts, Law Firms, and Consular Offices – accomplishing office duties, maintaining the schedule, handling and writing documents, and other clerical duties.
      • Paralegal/Legal Assistants – their main job is to assist licensed lawyers in their legal works by maintaining and organizing files, conducting legal research, and drafting legal documents.
      • Public Opinion Researcher – the main duty of a public opinion researcher is to determine the preferences and needs of the people. This job involves tasks such as conducting and analyzing interviews, surveys, and polls for their study.
    • Jobs for experienced employees

      Require trainings and prior job experience of a few years:
      • Survey Analyst – this job entails gathering and organizing information regarding problems and procedures, analyzing the data gathered, and developing solutions based on the analysis.
      • Foreign Service Officer – this entails representing the country around the world, working in embassies, as well as working on certain diplomatic missions.
      • Congressional Office/Committee Staff – this involves tasks such as managing the daily operations of the office, writing speeches, and communicating with constituents and the media.
      • Campaign Operator – campaign operators are the ones who are responsible for scheduling and organizing campaign sortees of candidates, as well as preparing campaign materials.
      • Historian – the main duty of a historian is to study, document, and write about important past events.
      • Corporate Adviser for Governmental Relations – this job entails representing the company to the government, as well as providing legal advice to the management.
    • High-end Positions

      • Lecturer/Professor – this job involves teaching about the important areas in the field of Political Science in a university.
      • Political Consultant – this job involves advising on political matters based on research, and by analyzing the likelihood of different political scenarios.
      • Legislative Analyst – this job involves duties such as identifying, researching, and analyzing legislative issues or potential legislative issues.
      • Public Policy Analyst – this entails policy management, analyzing and evaluating data, as well as planning courses of action to enable decision makers to make informed choices.
      • Political Commentator – this job involves raising awareness to the public and voicing out their analyses on important political and social issues through different forms of media.
      • State Legislator – this job involves voting on bills that represent the interests of their constituents, creating new laws, and updating or modifying old ones.
  • Jobs not related to Political Science that graduates can apply to

    • Call center agent – answers phone calls and inquiries of clients and provides customer support, usually to people from other countries
    • Administrative Staff – personnel responsible for the organization and management of office duties and tasks; positions that include office secretary, personal assistant and office clerk
    • Freelancer working online – doing online jobs for clients abroad, such as data entry, article writing, SEO, customer support, administrative support etc., which mainly depends on your skills
  • Career Opportunities Abroad

    There are no job opportunities abroad for PolSci graduates. If you are thinking of finding a job overseas, this is not the right program to choose.

Reviews of AB in Political Science graduates:

Philip Delos Reyes
Studied AB Political Science
at Centro Escolar University , Manila
Graduated: 1997

About my college education:
It was a passion I had in me. I loved debating an idea. I enjoyed so much tapping into ancient philosophy by Greek intellectual giants like Plato, Aristotle, medieval Machiavelli, to chinese great Confucius.

Students of Political Science must possess a keen interest in world history, has an appreciation that events which transpired in each epoch were interconnected, to the extent that each countries developed its own unique culture and civilization yet with varying degrees build a common bond when these different cultures and civilisations met in several occassions in history.

If a student does not possess this kind of appreciation for social sciences, like political science, then the course will be just be a boring litany of famous names in history, dates, events and nothing more.

On the other hand, if a student possesses a keen interest in social sciences, then personalities and figures in history long dead comes to life, and history becomes current events unfolding right before his eyes as he travels back in time and feel the pulse and the beat of how an idea so powerful that it jolted the world; ideas on capitalism, ideas on communism, ideas on socialism, and all other 'isms' that shaped the world history for centuries.

Students of political science pierce the meanings of each major movements in human endeavors as they strive to formulate their own philosophy, their own treatise, just like piecing together pieces of a giant puzzle, with a view to come up with a grand idea, a timeless philosophy on how to make the world we live in a better place for the current and future generations of human race.

This is not a course where you can just simply sit down in one corner and let time pass by. Class participation is a key. Get your ideas heard. Get your thoughts out. The thing I realized during my time at the university, no idea is right or wrong per se. The weight of an idea pretty much depends on how forceful you put it forward, how you put together compelling arguments, that if you are really good at it, you can prove black is white and white is black.

Imagine, how on earth Hitler convinced the German people that Aryan race was superior race and Jews was a sub-human race and going by that argument justified the wholesale act of genocide by sending the Jews all over Europe to the ghettos?

Yes, it can be terrifying. But that was the attraction to it, if you look at it the other way around.

Imagine an idea bourne out of endless discussion in the classroom so powerful that it binds people together inspite of their differences, the teritorial borders cease to exists, that whilst people owe allegiance to their own countries, at the same time they know that they all belong to one human race and they they should pledge allegiance to one another as well. Threat of wars will exist. And forever peace will be achieved.

And this is the promise of political science. Expand your horizons beyond what you can possibly imagine.

My current job:
I am Information Technology practioner.
I am working as an IT consultant for sotware company based in the UK that sells banking solutions to banks world wide. My job involves a lot of travelling. I have been to approximately twenty countries in different continents. I have met different people. I have experience different cultures and I have seen different civilisations.

Am I using what I learned in college:
The lessons I learned in political science back in university have helped me a lot dealing with different people, and in many ways make me successful at what I do now.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
I was offered a teaching post in my university right after graduation.

Do I recommend studying AB Political Science:
I go by one adage, find and do what you love and money will follow later.

If you think Political Science suits you best, in terms of your passion and interest, go for it. There will be twists along the way, it happens to many people like me. But as long as you remain true to your inner being, listen to your inner voice, then things have a way of aligning themselves in your favor. If you perservere and persist to the end, you will be truly successful in your chosen career in the same way that I am now.
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