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Why should I promote my school at FindUniversity?

  1. Get more applicants:

    Our website visitors are your target audience - people looking for a college degree.
    High school students, transferees, parents, relatives, people looking for a graduate degree - they are all searching in 2.9 million searches in the past 12 months!
  2. Increase your revenues:

    We aim for an ROI of 2,000%, so for example if you spend php 50,000 here, your school will get at least php 1,000,000 back in tuition fees of additional students.
  3. Measure the results:

    Unlike most other forms of marketing, what we offer is highly measurable. You will know how many people viewed your school's information, how many entered your "contact" page, how many sent you an inquiry and how many entered your website.


  1. Listing in our directory

    An example of a school listing can be viewed here.

    The specifications of a school's profile can be viewed here.

    Being listed ensures you will appear in all relevant searches.

    For example:
    If your school is located in Quezon City, and offers BSBA programs, your school will appear in ALL of the following searches:
    • "Universities and colleges in Quezon City"
    • "Universities and colleges in Metro Manila"
    • "Schools offering Business Administration courses in Quezon City"
    • "Schools offering Business Administration courses in Metro Manila"
    • "Schools offering Business Administration courses in the Philippines"
    • "Schools offering Bachelor's courses in Quezon City"
    • "Schools offering Bachelor's courses in Metro Manila"
  2. Promotion in our search results

    Being promoted means you will appear higher on the search results, so more prospective students will view your school's profile and contact you.

    You can be promoted in a specific field of study (i.e. Information Technology, Computer Science or Accountancy), as well as in a specified location (i.e. Metro Manila or Quezon City).
  3. Banner in our "Program Overview" pages

    An example of a banner in a "Program Overview" page can be seen here.

    Pages about popular programs (i.e. BSHRM, BSIT, BS Accountancy, etc), receive between 10,000 to 60,000 visitors per year, from people who are considering studying that particular course, and want to learn more about it.

    Seeing your school there, means a better chance they would consider it as a viable option for their studies.

Payment schemes

  1. Subscription

    Pay a flat fee for your listing, which includes a full profile, appearing in all relevant searches, a contact form and phones for inquiries. The exact fees for your listing depends on your school's location and the promotions you would like to have.
  2. Pay Per Lead

    Get a full profile, but pay only for actual "Leads" (inquiries) sent by prospective students through the contact form on our website to your school's emails. You can purchase a package of "Leads", starting with 200 Leads.

How can I proceed?

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