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First went live in 2010
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Advertising options

  1. Listing a school

    Please click here if you represent a college or university and you wish to be listed on
  2. Ads at the University/College pages

    These ads can be very effective to businesses that cater directly to students (review centers, school supplies, etc), as well as any brand who wants to capture a young, educated audience.
  3. Ads within our search results

  4. Ads in our "Program Overview" pages

    An example of a banner in a "Program Overview" page can be viewed here.
    Pages about popular programs (i.e. BSHRM, BSIT, BS Accountancy, etc), receive between 10,000 to 70,000 visitors per year, from people who are considering studying that particular course, and want to learn more about it.

Payment schemes

  1. Flat Fee

    Pay a flat fee for your banner for a specified amount of time, starting with one month.
  2. Pay Per Click

    Pay only for clicks made on your banner. You can purchase a package of "Clicks", starting with 1,000 clicks.

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